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Biden’s Race to Undo Trump Environmental Reforms Violates Public Trust - Rick Perry & Jason Isaac


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Real Clear Politics

The Biden administration is at it again, frantically trying to erase Trump-era regulatory reforms without regard for their benefit to the American people.

The latest red-tape gambit, a hasty and misguided attempt to delay and ultimately undo a major permitting reform, is not only bad policy, it’s a violation of the public’s trust. The Biden administration’s failure to follow proper transparency and public comment laws sets a dangerous precedent — and shows the White House’s priority is partisanship, not the American people’s best interests.


The Trump administration’s reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) were a critical step toward reducing draconian regulations on our nation’s responsible energy producers and infrastructure builders — restoring limited government and removing unneeded delays, complexities, and burdens.

These critical reforms were long overdue. America is a great nation of builders and innovators, yet the permitting process has become too lengthy and unpredictable, making it exceedingly difficult to build anything at all. From roads, to bridges, to housing, to any kind of energy project, excessive bureaucracy is stranding capital, leaving infrastructure in disrepair, and preventing projects that strengthen American communities.

Bloated NEPA regulations impact every major project and have driven much of the problem. Under NEPA, American businesses and communities have had to wait years just to reach a decision on a project—the average highway takes more than seven years. This is unacceptable.

Americans deserve clear, transparent, and timely permitting decisions so that capital can be allocated to projects that are beneficial and environmentally viable, and away from those that are not.:snip:

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