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Michael Knowles REACTS To "BRAINWASHED" Music Video by Tom Macdonald


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Michael Knowles

Aug. 14 2021


"But Chernobyl started me on a new path. When I began to research these old fears to find out what had been said in the past, I discovered several important things. The first is that there’s nothing more sobering than a 30-year-old newspaper. You can’t figure out what the headlines mean, you don’t know who the people are. Theodore Green, John Sparkman, George Reedy, Jack Watson. Who were they? You thumb through page after page of vanished concerns, issues that apparently were important at the time and now don’t matter at all. It’s amazing how many pressing concerns are literally of the moment. They won’t matter in six months, and certainly not in six years, and if they won’t matter then, are they really worth our attention now?

But as David Brinkley once said, the one function TV news performs very well is that when there is no news, we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were."

Michael Crichton


"Culturally, Politically seeing less & less room for live and let live...lose today, there another battle tomorrow.

The tribes are sorting themselves out. The Tribes are not Left/Right, Rich/Poor/Republican/Democrat, Minority/Majority, Religious/Non-Religous. Not sure how to describe Our Side from Their Side, but of this I am sure there are US & THEM. I am fairly sure who is an US and who is a THEM.

The way I have been looking at politics/culture may not be valid anymore, or are becoming Less Valid.

One mans thoughts, freely give and worth Almost that much."


Some Skinny Old Wise Ass (Sept. 19 2020.

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