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K.T. McFarland: Afghanistan was always Mission Impossible.


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Fox News

President Biden has just sent combat forces back into Afghanistan to evacuate American civilians at the embassy and Afghans who have assisted us in the war effort. The 3,000 American forces will then presumably shoot their way out as they depart. 

Inexplicably, we will leave a "core" diplomatic staff and U.S. combat forces to protect them. The Biden administration believes the Taliban will leave these Americans alone, because they want world approval. 

The Biden administration is living in a fantasyland if they think this is going to end well. But when it comes to Afghanistan our political and military leaders have been living in fantasyland for years. 

They will be quick to lay down their arms in exchange for amnesty. No tribal leader or province head wants to be the last man standing in support of the Afghan government because Taliban reprisals will be vicious.

The mujahadeen fathers and grandfathers of the current generation of Taliban leaders seized control of Kabul in 1992. They captured then-Afghan President Mohammad Najibullah, tortured him, dragged his body behind a truck through the streets of Kabul and hung it from a lamppost for all to see. 

The example isn’t lost on the current Afghan government leaders, who I predict will flee Kabul in the next few weeks rather than suffer the same fate.:snip:

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