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Two Charts Destroy Big Lie About ‘Climate Change’ And Wildfires


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It’s that time of year again, the season of headlines routinely screaming about “record” amounts of acreage burned from out-of-control wildfires caused by, of course, “climate change.” But is it true? Is global warming driving a surge in wildfires? The answer is no.

The media started again this week with the release of the United Nation’s latest dire climate change report, based on the same faulty models and filled with more apocalyptic predictions that won’t come true.:snip:



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They are Wrong Wrong Wrong! The Narrative Tells us.....


....We're All Gonna Die!


BTW I first heard this in (choose one) 1969 with the Population Bomb or 1982 NBC "Special" on cue the theme from Jaws Global Warming.

Recall A CNN Producer on a Project Veritas video..(I paraphrase) "Climate Change Is The Next Big Thing!".

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I have posted this many times before...Here it is again




Fortunately, we can learn to manage complex systems. There are people who have studied how to do it and know how to do it. But it does take humility, and with that, something very important, the ability to admit that we’re wrong and to change course.

If you manage a complex system, you will frequently, if not always, be wrong. You have to backtrack. You have to acknowledge error. You probably learned that with your children, or if you don’t have children, with your bosses.

And one other thing. We have to not be afraid. Fear may produce a television audience, it may generate cash for an advocacy group, but fear paralyzes us. It freezes us. And we really need to put that behind us as we move into a new era of managing complexity, because, look.

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Aug. 9 2021

The danger we face has nothing to do with climate. The danger comes from the people who are pushing this massive barrage of climate fraud.

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