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‘Our Hands Are Completely Tied’: See Border Patrol Union Chief’s Take on Border Crisis


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SIERRA VISTA, Arizona—The crisis at the border is unlike anything the country has seen before, the head of the Border Patrol’s labor union tells The Daily Signal. 

“This surge is bigger than we’ve ever seen before,” Brandon Judd, a Border Patrol agent who is president of the National Border Patrol Council, serving in that capacity since March 2013, says in a video interview. “Again, the day-over-day increase, the week-over-week, the month-over-month.” 

The situation facing the Border Patrol is a crisis, Judd says, who has served as one of its agents for over 22 years and argues that, because of Biden administration policies, “our hands are completely tied.”

“We define a crisis when our resources are overwhelmed, when we can’t control the border enough, where the [drug] cartels are able to create gaps in our coverage, cross products that are very dangerous, and make money to where we can’t control the border or stop what’s coming in,” he says in the interview with The Daily Signal. 


“Right now, we’re at that point.”

The proof of Judd’s perspective can be seen in the numbers. 

Unlawful crossings from Mexico into the United States continue to skyrocket, with 178,622 arrests in April and 180,034 in May, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. 

The agency released the June numbers on July 16, showing 188,829 arrests at the border—the highest yet under President Joe Biden.

In July, about 50,000 illegal immigrants who crossed into the United States illegally were released into the country without a date in immigration court, Axios reported in an exclusive. 

Illegal immigrants “are told to report to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office instead,” but “just 13% have shown up so far,” Axios reported:snip:

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'It's Truly a Public Health Crisis.' One Border Town Is Busing Hundreds of Untested Illegals to Austin and Houston Every Day


Calling it a “public health crisis,” the mayor of Laredo told Border Report on Wednesday that his South Texas city is sending busloads of migrants to Austin and Houston without testing them for coronavirus.

Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz said the city is sending four charter buses per day with a total of 200 migrants who have been sent by Border Patrol from the Rio Grande Valley to Laredo. The migrants, mostly all families, have legally been released by federal authorities to travel in the United States.:snip:

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