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One of the last men connected with the flag on Iwo Jima has died


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One after another, with increasing speed, we are losing the people who have first-hand memories of fighting in World War II. Colonel Dave Severance (ret.), who served in the Marine Corps, was one of those men. He managed to survive the incredible carnage of WWII, served as a pilot in the Korean War, and still came home to see his children, grandchildren, and some great-grandchildren grow up. In his later years, he became one of the keepers of the memories about the famous Iwo Jima flag-raising. He died last Monday, aged 102.

Even in this benighted age, when children are being miseducated, rather than educated, it’s hard to imagine an American grown past childhood who is not familiar with the picture that AP photographer Joe Rosenthal snapped on February 23, 1945, of the Marines raising the American flag on Mount Suribachi, when they (wrongly) thought the brutal fighting on Iwo Jima had come to an end.:snip:

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