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Whiny Chuck Todd Wails: Biden Being ‘Sabotaged’ By GOP Governors!


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On Thursday’s MTP Daily, host Chuck Todd fulfilled his role as Democratic Party hack by trying to blame President Biden’s failures on COVID and the economy on Republican governors across the country, particularly Florida’s Ron DeSantis. The NBC News political director wailed that GOP state leaders had “sabotaged” the President and were responsible for his declining poll numbers.

“If it’s Thursday, President Biden battles a rising COVID threat which is taking its toll on this White House politically now,” Todd warned at the top of the 1:00 p.m. ET hour show. Moments later, he worried: “I’ve been saying it for months now, how COVID goes in the United States, so goes the Biden presidency. As pandemic numbers increase, the President’s numbers are starting to decrease.”


Noting that “the writing is on the wall politically” for Biden, Todd reported:

A brand new CNBC poll shows his approval rating dropping on two huge issues. On the coronavirus, approvals are now down nine points, and on his handling of the economy, is down four points. All of this, of course, is COVID related. For now, his overall job rating is at a sluggish 48%. Now, those numbers are a stark reminder, President Biden’s political situation and political fortunes of the party he leads likely won’t improve until COVID does.  

Turning to correspondent Josh Lederman, Todd whined that everything was “COVID, COVID, COVID, no matter what the administration would like to accomplish outside of COVID.” Lederman agreed and sympathized with the administration: “I think the White House feels like there is a gap between what’s actually under their control and the way that the President’s leadership is gonna be perceived.”

The reporter perfectly echoed talking points from the President’s communications team:

You know, they’ll point out, “Look, we got the vaccines out to everyone, it’s not a problem about did the federal government fall asleep on the job with vaccines or other measures, but now it’s up to Republican governors, it’s up to companies to mandate this.” And that’s where they feel like they are getting punished in the political arena for something that’s outside of their control.

Todd chimed in with frustration that administration officials “haven’t made anything a mandate” with regard to COVID and were “backing off almost for fear of the right wing.” He bitterly concluded: “And yet, they’re being sabotaged anyway by some Republican governors.”


It's their fault, or something.

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