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Our Disgraceful Judges


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Power Line

John Hinderaker

August 4, 2021

The Black Lives Matter movement and attendant anti-police hysteria are the main reason for skyrocketing crime across America. But there is a second factor that needs to be exposed and condemned: soft-headed judges who don’t take seriously their obligation to protect the public.

Scott has been covering the infuriating case of Alexis Saborit, an illegal alien who beheaded his girlfriend in a Minneapolis suburb while she was driving him to court to make an appearance in an arson case. Another homicide has been making the news here, too: Man let out of prison early is charged killing wife, captured in NW. Minnesota after weeks on the run. Note that what follows is from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a notoriously left-wing newspaper. But maybe even liberals are getting fed up with out-of-control crime:


So, for absolutely no reason, federal judge John Tunheim freed would-be pipe bomber and car rammer Eric Reinbold to prey on the public, and, as it turned out, his own family, whom he had previously attacked. Thus Lissette Reinbold’s body was found by one of her own children with “multiple stab wounds to her neck, torso and upper extremities.”

Nice going, Judge Tunheim. The Star Tribune story doesn’t mention it, but Tunheim is a liberal Democrat, appointed to the federal judiciary by Bill Clinton. Soft-headed judges like Tunheim who put ideology and pro-criminal sentiment over public safety deserve to be named and shamed. This is an issue around which the public needs to be mobilized, and my organization is launching a campaign to inform the public about feckless judges like John Tunheim and to mobilize opposition to pro-criminal judging. Watch for it.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more about how a once-great American city has descended into chaos as a result of incompetent leadership, here is the cover story in the Summer issue of Thinking Minnesota that is just now hitting mailboxes: Freefall: State and Twin Cities leaders dither while vulnerable residents live in fear and increasing danger.


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