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YouTube CEO calls for censorship of “legal but potentially harmful speech”


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She claims free speech and pro-censorship policies can "coexist."

Tom Parker

Aug. 2021

Despite her new Wall Street Journal opinion article that opens with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki discussing how she feared the letters that she sent to her grandfather as a child would be censored because he lived behind the Iron Curtain, Wojcicki has called for governments to provide “clear guidelines about illegal speech” while giving YouTube the freedom to also censor “legal but potentially harmful speech.”

In the article, which is titled “Free Speech and Corporate Responsibility Can Coexist Online,” Wojcicki acknowledges that YouTube already removes “content that could cause real harm” and that some of its content takedowns are “controversial” but insists that YouTube’s policies are applied “equally, regardless of who posts the content or the political viewpoint expressed.”


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