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These Two Liberal Media Outlets Partner with Twitter to Combat Online 'Misinformation'


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In a move that will not exactly ensure trust among individuals outside of the liberal sphere, Twitter announced Monday that it is teaming up with two left-leaning news outlets to "expand our efforts to identify and elevate credible information" on its platform.


Twitter has signed a deal with both Reuters and the Associated Press to help elevate what they deem "accurate information." Twitter said they will look to feature information from "reliable" resources, debunk circulating misinformation and explain the site's trending patterns.:snip:

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At some point, a decision is going to have to be made, and fairly soon. Do we work of Big Tech/Cooperate Media, or does Big Tech/Cooperate Media work for us.

Who is In Charge?

As I have said before Next Step ISP's. When This happens not only will you be banned from the Public Square, you won't even be able to Look at the Public Square. What surprises me is this hasn't happened already.

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