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A ‘Reparations’ Plan Designed to Help the Activist Left, Not Minorities


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It used to be referred to as the soft bigotry of low expectations: the unspoken bias among many liberals, who subconsciously believe that minority populations are not capable of succeeding on their own. For these liberals, this belief made it understandable, and therefore socially acceptable, for people of color to underachieve. This long-held bias was also their undeclared motivation for massive government-intervention programs.

However, in recent months, this unspoken belief — and its inherent and systematic prejudices — has been exposed for everyone to see. It is now obvious that it supported a system designed to finance the Left’s larger agenda.

Earlier this month, Jorge Elorza, the mayor of Providence, the capital of Rhode Island, took a concrete first step to implement a municipal-reparations program — a ridiculous idea many thought would never come to pass. Not only is this policy of “reconciliation” biased in and of itself — as it presupposes that minorities require a government handout in order to reach equity with whites — but it also appears that the program’s implementation will follow the Left’s playbook of funneling funds to institutions already aligned with it.:snip:

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Whether it’s global warming cap-and-trade fees, Obamacare navigators, COVID-19 relief funds, or now, reparations payments, taxpayer money spent on the Left’s “equity” programs always seems to end up in the hands of those advocacy or academic institutions that would reinforce or advance left-wing hegemony. In this case, Providence awarded $100,000 in grants to the private Roger Williams University, in Bristol, R.I., to design and oversee the eventual program.


Once Again...Well DUH!

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