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Black leaders cite wide gap between Washington solutions, what middle class black voters want


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Black leaders across the country are saying that there is a large gap between what regular Black American voters want and what activists want. They argue that what leaders in Washington D.C. and activist types are arguing for is not what regular people want, and would end up hurting Black Americans



Thursday Night, Just The News Editor-in-Chief John Solomon sat down with several influential black leaders to talk about the problems facing Black Americans, such as rising inflation and crime. 

Ken Blackwell, who served as the mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, then as Ohio's Secretary of State, then finally as an ambassador to the UN Human Rights Commission for President George H. W. Bush, told Solomon that President Joe Biden's handling of inflation had failed Black Americans.

Black Americans "will see escalating prices, whether it be prices at the pump, or energy to warm or cool their homes, they will see because of a rising price, rising inflation, and a radical slowdown. And in economic growth, they will see joblessness prevail," Blackwell said.

Blackwell argued that Black Americans "want the ability to work and to be self-sufficient. That's what most Black folks in this country want because that's what most Americans want," not to be "locked into this battle of ethnicity, ethnic groups or racial groups.":snip:

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