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Pass It to Find Out What’s In It: GOP Prepares to Vote for ‘Infrastructure’ Bill That Doesn’t Yet Exist


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Republicans remain poised to vote for a bipartisan infrastructure bill that does not yet exist.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced on the Senate floor Wednesday morning that senators involved in the bipartisan infrastructure bill negotiations “continue to make good progress” and that the chamber should be prepared to vote on advancing the bill “as early as tonight.”


Senators involved in the bipartisan negotiations struck a tentative deal last month but have yet to finalize the compromise. Despite Schumer’s announcement, lawmakers involved in the negotiations have yet to draft the infrastructure bill.

This means that Republican lawmakers could vote to advance legislation past cloture without knowing exactly what they are voting to advance.

Senate Republicans blocked the legislation last week when Schumer filed cloture on H.R. 3684, the legislative vehicle for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Senate Democrats overwhelmingly voted for the measure, while Republicans blocked the bill, wanting to see a physical bill before they vote.

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Republicans opposing massive infrastructure bill ask: Where’s full text?

The U.S. Senate, in a 67-32 procedural vote Wednesday, advanced a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill -- despite the fact that the full text of the proposal hasn't been made public yet.

At least one Republican voting no on the proposal to begin debating the package expressed his frustration on Twitter after the procedural vote.

"I voted no on #infrastructure a week ago because there was no legislative text," Republican U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina wrote Wednesday night. "My mind hasn’t changed. There’s still no legislative text or explanation on how to pay for a $1T infrastructure plan.":snip:

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Major conservative group takes aim at government spending plans


With more crucial votes fast approaching in the coming days for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal in the Senate, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) says that their major grassroots and paid media campaign to derail the government spending package is in full swing.

The politically powerful fiscally conservative and libertarian political advocacy group tells Fox News that their grassroots efforts, including urging activists and other AFP supporters to call their senators to tell them to oppose the deal, are "ramping up into a full-court press going into the weekend."


After weeks of negotiations between a bipartisan group of senators and the White House, the package cleared a major hurdle on Wednesday, as the Senate voted 67-32 to advance the measure, with 17 Republicans – including longtime Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell – supporting the bipartisan deal. The 67 votes was seven more than needed to avoid a legislative filibuster that would have scuttled the agreement.

The package, which includes $550 billion in new spending, includes some of President Biden's top domestic priorities, including billions of dollars in funding for bridges, roads, broadband internet, clean water, public transportation.:snip:

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Infrastructure Agreement Filled With Billions for Green Energy, Racial Justice Projects

The bipartisan infrastructure agreement contains billions of dollars to remedy supposed racial injustice and combat climate change.

The Washington Free Beacon obtained a Messaging Document circulating among Senate offices to rally support. Much of the document, which is aimed at winning over skeptical GOP lawmakers, appears to be taken word-for-word from a Biden administration fact sheet posted on the White House website on Wednesday. 

Much of the highlighted spending aims to remedy discriminatory policies of the past. Part of the $110 billion earmarked for rebuilding roads and bridges is dedicated to fixing allegedly racist projects that "divided" black communities.The proposal specifically names highways such as I-81 in Syracuse, New York, that would be rebuilt around black communities, rather than through them. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg previously said that "there is racism physically built into some of our highways.":snip:

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The Pathetic Republican Surrender


n Wednesday night, senators voted to move forward on a piece of legislation that does not exist yet, driven by an artificial timeline. Democrats hope that they can quickly agree on trillions of dollars in new spending for a sweeping economic and social-welfare agenda as soon as possible so they can get on with their August vacations. In some sense, this is consistent with the way Congress has operated in recent times. But what’s unique is that it was not just Democrats who were dispensing with good governance to jam through their agenda. Instead, Democrats were joined by 17 Republicans (including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell), who aided and abetted this reckless act.:snip:

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Some dare call it infrastructure

Scott Johnson

July 30 2021

I don’t think we have a text to go to yet, but I have absolutely no doubt that the editors of the Wall Street Journal correctly assess the so-called bipartisan infrastructure deal as “not so grand.” If the Journal has these details right, that is a grand understatement. They highlight “an epic binge of green subsidies and more handouts for states and localities.” To wit:



“We have two parties here, and only two. One is the evil party, and the other is the stupid party. ... I'm very proud to be a member of the stupid party. ... Occasionally, the two parties get together to do something that's both evil and stupid. That's called bipartisanship.”

M. Stanton Evans

"GOP needs to 'stop being the stupid party"

Bobby Jindal

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1st thing I heard was Two Thousand Seven Hundred pages long. God Only Know what is hidden away in this monstrosity!

Every Republican needs to vote not just NO but OH HELL NO!!


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Infrastructure bill includes $1B for commission run by Manchin’s wife


A commission run by the wife of Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin would receive $1 billion from the bipartisan infrastructure bill, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Gayle Conelly Manchin co-chairs the Appalachian Regional Commission, an economic development partnership between the federal government and 13 Appalachian states. She works in partnership with a co-chairman from one of the states in the region (currently Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam) to lead the commission and was appointed to the post by President Joe Biden and unanimously confirmed by the Senate in Apr:snip:

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