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Brett Kavanaugh Faces Another Round of Smears and Intimidation


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National Review

On Thursday, the New York Times published a report on the three-year-old battle over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court that attempts to cast a new cloud of suspicion over Justice Kavanaugh.

The Times’ Kate Kelly reported that, in a letter to Democratic senators dated June 30, 2021, the FBI said that it had received 4,500 tips on a tip-line set up during a supplemental background investigation of Kavanaugh, and that the most “relevant” of the tips were referred to the Office of White House Counsel, the entity that had requested the supplemental background investigation.


“The letter left uncertain whether the FBI itself followed up on the most compelling leads,” Kelly noted


But the Times’ report leaves out three key details that would have helped both to clear the air and to clear Kavanaugh’s name: (1) The FBI’s supplemental investigation was always supposed to be limited in time and scope; (2) a summary of all the tips the FBI received was available to all 100 U.S. senators; and (3) we have good reason to believe that none of the supposedly “compelling leads” were actually compelling at all.

Let’s take each of these points in order.


First, there was a bipartisan agreement that the supplemental background investigation would be limited to one week and limited to “current” and “credible” allegations — not a fishing expedition.:snip:

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