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BLM & KKK—Today’s Bootleggers and Baptists Coalition?


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Power Line

Steven Hayward

July 23 2021

I’ve had occasion in the past to reference the “bootleggers and Baptists” coalition idea that economist Bruce Yandle first suggested as a way of explaining a central aspect public choice theory which holds that seemingly opposite interests some times line up on the same side of an issue because it benefits both sides against the public interest. In the case of “bootleggers and Baptists,” you’d find in certain southern counties that the liquor bootleggers would support Baptist politicians in the legislature to make sure that the liquor sales laws remained very strict, thus preserving the lucrative illegal market for the bootleggers. Another current example would be illegal marijuana growers who dislike the competition from newly legal weed that is pushing down prices.


One wonders whether Black Lives Matter and the KKK aren’t today’s most conspicuous example of a bootleggers and Baptist coalition, except this time their alliance springs  from ideology more than material self-interest. What do they have in common? Spreading race hatred.

Looks like mission accomplished, from the latest survey data reported this week by Gallup.  “Ratings of Black-White Relations at New Low,” is headline of Gallup’s report:



There are Two groups that Care/Obsess on Race. KKK/White Supremacists & Progressives/Democrats. And its getting harder and harder to tell the difference. 


Show me where I'm wrong. I Want to be Wrong. But I don't think I am.

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