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Judge puts Larry Elder on recall ballot, throws out tax return requirement


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MSN News

Laurel Rosenhall

July 21 2021

Conservative talk show host Larry Elder wins his lawsuit to be a replacement candidate in the California recall. A judge rules that a tax return requirement doesn’t apply to recalls.


Larry Elder is in, because a new tax return requirement is out.

The conservative talk radio host will appear on the ballot as a candidate to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in the Sept. 14 recall election, a judge ruled today as she determined that a state law requiring that candidates submit five years of tax returns does not apply to recalls.

The ruling by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Laurie Earl marked a curt conclusion to a question that’s lingered — unchallenged until this week — ever since Newsom argued in May that candidates seeking to replace him in the recall would have to submit five years of federal tax returns. The requirement stems from a law Newsom signed in 2019 that says gubernatorial candidates must submit their tax returns in order to have their names appear on a “primary election” ballot

But the recall is a special election, not a primary, and legal experts CalMatters interviewed in May said the new law should not apply to the recall. 



Good Guys 1 Gavin Newsom 0

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44 minutes ago

He's a very intelligent man!

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