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WATCH: Psaki says she would not characterize Texas Democrats' trip to Washington as a 'super-spreader event'


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The Post Millennial

At the White House briefing, Biden press secretary Jen Psaki continued to thank the Texas Democrats for "standing up for voting rights" and said she would not characterize the infectious trip to Washington as a "super-spreader event."

After a number of Texas Democrats, who fled the state in protest over a GOP election integrity bill, tested positive for COVID-19, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Psaki if the controversial trip will be seen as a "super-spreader event."

"More than 10 percent of the travelling party with these Texas Democrats now claim to have a breakthrough case. Is there any concern that this trip that was intended to advocate for voting rights is now a super-spreader event in Washington?" he asked at the White House press conference Tuesday.

Psaki said that's "not a characterization we're making from here."

"We certainly understand there will be breakthrough cases. Even vaccines that are incredibly effective are not fool proof. They're not 100 percent effective. We've seen that. Here's the good news though. We know that these individuals—I think, if I'm correct—have been vaccinated. It means it protects from death. It protects from serious illness. It protects for the most part from hospitalization. So that is a good sign," Psaki continued from the White House podium.

Doocy then questioned what the Biden administration's message is to the Texas Democrats now that COVID-19, after contact, has reached the White House.

"Thanks for standing up for voting rights and the rights of Americans to have their voices heard at the voting booth and we appreciate their efforts," Psaki said of the White House's continuing message to the Texas Democrats.


When they get back to Texas, will they take "spread 'em" differently?

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