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‘We’re incredibly pro-life’: State lawmaker rejects doctor’s abortion advice


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Charles and James were born prematurely by C-section at 33 weeks, and spent 27 days in the intensive care unit at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

Stephen Kokx

July 17, 2021

Minnesota’s youngest state senator was encouraged by doctors to have an abortion earlier this year. She rejected their advice and happily gave birth to identical twin boys, Charles and James, in May.

In a recent interview with The Catholic Spirit, Julia Coleman, a Republican who represents District 47 in Minnesota’s upper chamber, explains that doctors informed her that Charles was not developing properly and that he had selective intrauterine growth restriction (sIUGR), a life-threatening diagnosis.

“At one point, [they] told us we could increase James’ chance of survival if we killed Charles,” she told the outlet.

“[My husband] Jacob and I both insistently said: ‘That’s not on the table.’ We were never going to choose between our kids. We’re incredibly pro-life.”







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