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Tucker Carlson: Pentagon leaders are trying to hide truth about illegal immigration from Americans


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Fox News

It’s not a partisan talking point or any kind of exaggeration to say that Joe Biden has opened this country’s borders to the world. Since Biden’s inauguration in January, the Border Patrol has apprehended close to a million foreign nationals coming into this country overland through Mexico. 

How many people is that? It’s more than live in the entire cities of San Francisco, or Denver, or Seattle, or Indianapolis, or Boston or Charlotte. We could keep going. That’s all in just six months. That’s enough people to change our country forever. You may argue that’s a good thing. America will benefit from this influx of people from foreign countries. If so, we’d love to hear that argument. No one has so far explained how that works. 

But what you can’t argue is that opening the borders was legal, or that anyone in the country voted for it. The current mass movement of foreign nationals into the United States was never approved by Congress. No one passed a law asking for it. The Biden administration just did it, unilaterally, without asking Americans what they thought of it. 

They probably already knew. Every poll we’ve ever seen shows clearly that voters of all backgrounds oppose open borders. The policy is highly unpopular. So the administration couldn’t say out loud what they were doing. Instead, they operated in secrecy. They hid it. They’re hiding it right now. What exactly are they doing?  

Tonight we have new information for you that answers that question, at least in part. This show has confirmed that the administration has enlisted the U.S. military to move illegal immigrants secretly around the country. It’s happening at Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas.  :snip:

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