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Amazon, Google, Starbucks among corporations seeking to pass Democrat-sponsored federal election laws


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The Post Millennial

166 large American companies are seeking to push Congress into passing partisan voting laws which will benefit Democrats in subsequent elections.

Brendan Boucher

July 14, 2021

166 large corporation including Apple, Amazon, Google, Starbucks and Pepsi are pressuring Congress to pass partisan federal election bills that will benefit Democrats in future elections. The companies are pressing for Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act which would create sweeping reforms and render an important 2013 Supreme Court case irrelevant.

"Despite decades of progress, impediments to exercising the right to vote persist in many states, especially for communities of colour. We need federal protections to safeguard this fundamental right for all Americans," the companies wrote in the letter obtained by NBC News.


The companies claim that the 2020 election "highlighted deep inequities in how our elections are run." The letter continued, "While each of our companies is unique, we are united in the belief that every American deserves a voice in our democracy. It is our government’s role to ensure voting is accessible to all. We urge Congress to add to the legacy of Representative Lewis by passing Voting Rights Act legislation that assures that every voice is heard." The letter comes just before the anniversary of John Lewis' death on Saturday.


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