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Catfish Soup


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In honor of August being Catfish Month, here is an authentic recipe for Catfish Soup!
Hope you try this!

Catfish Soup

From The Virginia Housewife (1860)

Ingredients 2 large or 4 small white catfish that have been caught in deep water 1 pound of lean bacon 1 large onion cut up 1 handful of parsley chopped small pepper salt yelks of 4 fresh eggs 1 large spoonful of butter 2 large spoonfuls of flour 1/2 pint of rich milk


Instructions Take the catfish, cut off the heads, and skin and clean the bodies; cut each in three parts, put them in a pot, with the bacon, onion, parsley, some pepper and salt, pour in a sufficient quantity of water, and stew them till the fish are quite tender but not broken; beat the yelks, add to them the butter, flour, and milk; make all these warm and thicken the soup, take out the bacon, and put some of the fish in your tureen, pour in the soup, and serve it up.

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