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January 6th


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J6 Committee Misleading Witnesses About Republican Staff Presence

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney ran to CNN a few weeks ago to accuse conservative stalwart Rep. Jim Banks of falsely presenting himself as the Jan. 6 commission’s ranking member. Banks is, in fact, congressional Republicans’ choice to be their top investigator on the committee, but he has been prevented from fulfilling his duties by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

However, it’s Cheney who appears to be misrepresenting herself as the ranking member — that is, the top Republican — on the committee.

January 6 Select Committee staff have been falsely telling witnesses that Republican staff will be present for interviews, according to multiple eyewitness sources and documents. In fact, not a single Republican-appointed member of Congress nor a single staff member representing the Republican conference is part of the controversial committee.

Witnesses are being told that John Wood, a longtime friend and ally of the Cheney family, will represent Republicans when witnesses testify. But neither Cheney nor her friend is representing the Republican conference. In fact, Cheney was appointed to the committee in early July by Pelosi herself.

“John Wood works for the Democrat Party, just like Liz Cheney, who was appointed by Pelosi and is not the Ranking Member of the Select Committee. She is misleading witnesses, before they testify under penalty of law, about the motives and the position of the person questioning them,” said Banks, who has continued leading Republicans’ investigation of the federal government’s handling of the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Cheney’s work with CNN was designed to prevent him from being able to gain answers to the questions the select committee was ostensibly set up to answer.:snip:

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Jan. 6 Defendants Taken Out of Cells on Stretchers: Court Filing

Zachary Stieber

November 13, 2021

Multiple Jan. 6 defendants were taken out of their cells on stretchers on Thursday, according to a court filing.

The situation started when one of the defendants refused to wear a mask, family members of Kelly Meggs, who is being held in the D.C. Jail, told Meggs lawyer.

Prison guards began spraying a chemical substance described as “some kind of mace or pepper spray, according to a filing in federal court.

“They sprayed mace or some type of gas at an inmate and kept missing so it went into an intake that fed into other cells and the lady with the key left because she didn’t like the gas, so the inmates in the cells who were being fed the gas from that intake were locked in for like 15 minutes while it was going into their rooms and they couldn’t see/breathe,” the family told Jonathon Moseley, the lawyer.

More than one of the defendants was taken out on stretchers to medical bays.


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Pentagon didn't delay sending Guardsmen to Capitol on Jan. 6, report conflicts with Pelosi narrative

The Pentagon responded appropriately and in a timely fashion to urgent requests for National Guard assistance on the day of the Jan. 6 Capitol breach, according to a Defense Department inspector general report released Wednesday


"We also determined that DoD officials did not delay or obstruct the DoD's response," reads the report. 

The report runs counter to the narrative that was spun, in large part, by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who repeatedly claimed that the Pentagon delayed the dispatch of National Guard troops.

Miller told the John Solomon Reports podcast in an exclusive interview, after the report was released, that it "broke my heart" to see the military, which "responded really with alacrity and professionalism" just "get thrown under the bus by the politicians."

"I was so naive. I couldn't believe it," he also said. "When it comes to national security, I thought we're on the same team. I was really horrified that it had become so partisan.":snip:

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'I have no excuses, it was indefensible': Contrite 'QAnon Shaman' Jacob Chansley is sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in Capitol riots - the joint longest sentence so far

  • Jacob Chansley, known as 'QAnon Shaman' for his horned headdress, sentenced to 41 months in federal prison 
  • Prosecutors asked to impose 51-month sentence on Chansley, while his defense lawyers asked the judge for a sentence of time served 
  • Chansley delivered a speech in which he quoted Jesus and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and expressed remorse for his actions 
  • Presiding judge told Chansley his remarks were 'akin to the kind of thing Martin Luther King would have said' 
  • Chansley pleaded guilty in September to obstructing an official proceeding 
  • Chansley will receive credit for 10 months served in jail  
  • Ex-MMA fighter Scott Fairlamb was sentenced last week to 41 months in prison for punching a police officer  :snip:


Still waiting for that insurrection charge :rolleyes:

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Select Committee Covering Up Police Brutality on January 6

The family of Rosanne Boyland, one of two female Trump supporters who died at the Capitol on January 6, just announced they have hired a lawyer to investigate the suspicious circumstances of her untimely death. Boyland, 34, traveled with her friend Justin Winchell from Georgia to Washington to hear President Trump’s speech.

The pair then walked from the Ellipse to Capitol Hill; a photo published in a local Georgia newspaper shows Boyland smiling, wearing Old Glory sunglasses and carrying a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag that day.

A few hours later, she was dead.


In April, the D.C. Medical Examiner’s office claimed Boyland died of “accidental acute amphetamine intoxication.” Boyland reportedly used Adderall, a drug commonly used to treat attention deficit disorders that contains amphetamines. Fatal Adderall overdoses are rare; Boyland would have had to ingest roughly 25 times her standard dose to die from it.

Aside from the unlikelihood Boyland overdosed on her daily medicine while actively participating in a day-long political rally, recently released footage and firsthand accounts contradict the coroner’s report. “There are still many questions about exactly what happened to her,” Rosanne’s aunt, Cheryl Boyland, wrote in a GiveSendGo post

Videos show her being beaten by a female officer after being crushed by protesters pushed by police.  Yet the D.C. Medical Examiner said Rosanne’s body showed no signs of trauma, and attributed her death to the prescription medication she took every day for years. According to videos and statements, Rosanne was dragged unconscious through the west tunnel by the police at 4:31 PM.  Then she was taken to the crypt and to the House Majority Leader’s office before EMTs arrived at 5:45 PM, finding her inside the rotunda being given CPR by Capitol police.:snip:

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Bob Woodward, tollbooth records undercut Jan. 6 panel claim Kerik attended secret D.C. meeting

Earlier this month, the Jan. 6 commission in Congress made headlines when it issued a subpoena alleging lawmakers had "credible evidence" that on the day before the Capitol riot former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik attended a meeting at the posh Willard Hotel in Washington where Trump advisers discussed how to overturn the November 2020 election


The subpoena even cited an impressive source: a book by famed investigative journalist Bob Woodward. You can read that here:


KerikSubpoena 11.5.2021.pdf

There's just one problem for Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) and his investigators.

Kerik was 300 miles away in the New York City area on Jan. 5, 2021, according to his own car's toll booth records reviewed by Just the News. He left Washington the night of Jan. 4 and did not return until the morning of the riots, according to Kerik's own account at a speech this weekend in Chicago.:snip:

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Newly-Released Jan. 6 Footage Appears to Show Capitol Police Kicking Young Woman to Death

Newly-released video from the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol display appears to show U.S. Capitol police kicking 34-year-old Rosanne Boyland to death.

The fake news media had previously claimed that Boyland was trampled to death by pro-Trump rioters and then claimed she died of a drug overdose, but the footage released by the FBI appears to indicate otherwise::snip:

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Antifa Member Who Took Axe to Senate Office Given Probation and his Axe Back

Jonathan Turley

Nov. 26 2021

We have been discussing the continued incarceration of many individuals for their participation in the Jan. 6th riot.  Despite claims that the riot was an insurrection, the vast majority of defendants have been given relatively minor charges. Nevertheless, the Justice Department has insisted on holding many without bail and some have received longer sentences, like Jacob Chansley (aka “QAnon Shaman”) who was given a 41-month sentence for “obstructing a federal proceeding.”

Thomas “Tas” Alexander Starks, 31, of Lisbon, N.D., faced a strikingly different approach by the Justice Department. The self-avowed Antifa member took an axe to the office of Sen. John Hoeven’s in Fargo on Dec. 21, 2020. Federal sentencing guidelines suggested 10–16 months in prison but he was only sentenced to probation and fined $2,784 for restitution . . . he then reportedly mocked the FBI for returning his axe.  Others declared him a hero and Democratic politicians pitched in for his legal defense.


Putting aside the light sentence, the returning of the axe is rather curious. It would seem an instrument of the crime and could be declared lost in any plea. Instead, it was returned as if it was a form of political expression by the Justice Department.

Starks is now free to axe his way to a better world.It is hard to imagine the poor choice of prosecutors or the judge to cut such a deal with Starks (and not specify that the axe would be lost as an instrumentality of the crimes). However, these may or may not be those responsible from their high school period:

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Capitol Punishment - The film every American must see

The inimitable actor Nick Searcy was present in DC on January 6.  He has just released a film about what he saw that day, Capitol Punishment.  For all Americans who find it hard to believe that our FBI and DOJ are now very dangerous enemies of the people, this film will be a shock.  Those two law enforcement institutions are most assuredly now enemies of all law-abiding citizens.  The phenomenon of January 6th was no insurrection; it was a carefully calculated set-up.  

The powers that be, some cabal of Trump haters within our government, successfully manipulated those present to escalate the


situation with the help of an unknown number of FBI operatives and some Antifa and BLM activists.  The so-called members of alleged militia groups like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers were very likely FBI operatives as well.  

How can that be?  Because they were there, have been identified and can be seen inciting people to breach the Capitol but have never been arrested or charged.  In the meantime, hundreds of thoroughly innocent people have been literally assaulted by the FBI, without warning, without warrants.  They’ve been thrown in jails, denied attorneys and due process. :snip:

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49 minutes ago, Geee said:

Capitol Punishment - The film every American must see

The inimitable actor Nick Searcy was present in DC on January 6.  He has just released a film about what he saw that day, Capitol Punishment.  For all Americans who find it hard to believe that our FBI and DOJ are now very dangerous enemies of the people, this film will be a shock.  Those two law enforcement institutions are most assuredly now enemies of all law-abiding citizens.  The phenomenon of January 6th was no insurrection; it was a carefully calculated set-up.  


More Here

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Trump's Jan. 6 connection doesn't need a 'smoking gun'

Hayes Brown, MSNBC Opinion Columnist

This hunt for a “smoking gun” has outlived whatever limited usefulness it had — and at this point has become an asset for Trumpworld.


Translation: We can't find any proof, so lets convict him anyways.

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Republicans quietly conduct counterinvestigation into Jan. 6 and promise to release report


As the select committee formed to investigate the Jan. 6 riot continues to interview witnesses and issue subpoenas, House Republicans who were originally submitted to sit on the panel are quietly working on their own counterinvestigation and plan to release a report on their findings.

“Republicans, at the direction of Leader McCarthy, are conducting our own investigation,” Indiana Rep. Jim Banks said on Wednesday.


“I can’t go into many of the specifics of what we’ve done or what we are doing,” Banks said. “But I will tell you that we will be releasing our findings publicly in the future.”

The resolution to create the select committee allowed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to “recommend” five members to sit on the committee but allowed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the final say on the picks. Pelosi, in a never-before-seen move, blocked Banks (who was set to be ranking member) and Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio from sitting on the committee. That prompted McCarthy to pull his other three appointments in protest unless all five were seated.:snip:

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43 minutes ago, Geee said:

Will the Public Finally See What Happened in the Capitol Tunnel?


When Americans finally view the surveillance footage, January 6 will make alleged police abuse at LaFayette Square look like a day in the (federal) park.


Anyone care to place a wager that 1. a mysterious accident will occur and much of the footage will be "unuseable" or 2. a huge major really super duper important story will break and corporate media will cover that instead of the video footage?

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I am No Fan of Steve Bannon. That said This is Bogus (I could use a stronger term)!

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Former D.C. National Guard official says generals lied to Congress about Jan. 6

Col. Earl Matthews calls military leaders "absolute liars" over their accounts of the day.



A former member of the D.C. National Guard has accused two Army leaders of perjuring themselves before Congress in an attempt to rewrite the history of the military's response to the Jan. 6 Capitol breach.


Col. Earl Matthews, a high-level Pentagon official during the Trump administration, has authored a 36-page report criticizing the Pentagon's inspector general for what he believes is an error-riddled account created in order to protect a top Army official who argued against sending the National Guard to the Capitol.

In the memo, Matthews calls Gen. Charles Flynn and Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt "absolute and unmitigated liars" for their description of the events of Jan. 6. On the day of the breach, Matthews was serving as the top attorney for Maj. Gen. William Walker, then the commanding general of the D.C. National Guard. Walker is now the House sergeant at arms.

The memo argues that Flynn and Piatt's testimonies to Congress were "replete with factual inaccuracies" and that the Army has attempted to create its own revisionist version of the events of the day that are "worthy of the best Stalinist or North Korea propagandist."

The memo comes after a public call from Walker for the inspector general to retract its detailed Jan. 6 report, which he called "inaccurate" and filled with "sloppy work.":snip:

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Mark Meadows No Longer Cooperating With Jan. 6 Committee: Attorney

The former White House chief of staff will not cooperate with a House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

From The Comments (The Best)

How does any person, even Mark Meadows, have the power to ignore a Constitutional process? Are we a nation of laws or one of men and women? And to be clear that question was settled in the 18th century despite attempts of some thinking and behaving otherwise. He may plead the 5th, his right, but make him do so in front of the Committee. Get it all under oath and on the record.


I just don’t understand why they just don’t throw all these traitors in jail; especially Trump then put them in front of a firing squad.

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Reps. Greene and Gohmert Finally Met the J6 Political Prisoners: What They Saw Isn't Pretty


Takeaways from Greene’s report include:

  • Inmates claim they aren’t allowed to see their lawyers or family members
  • They aren’t allowed to get a haircut unless they are vaccinated. Some use Nair hair remover on their heads. Some keep their hair long.
  • Some of the J6 political prisoners claimed their cells were infested with rats and bedbugs when they first arrived.
  • They claimed the U.S. Marshals Service came through several days before the Green-Gohmert visit to paint and scrub dirt and mold from the showers. There were still visible signs of dirt and mold in the shower section.
  • One inmate told Greene his toilet doesn’t work. He has to wait until he is let out of his cell to use a restroom.
  • The inmates aren’t allowed to attend religious services so they hold their own.
  • Several inmates need medical attention. One has a broken finger. A seventy-one-year-old inmate, Lonnie Leroy Coffman, who hasn’t seen a doctor, watched as his lower forearm has turned purple and his thumb turned black. The other inmates suggested that if anyone can be released, it should be Lonnie.:snip:
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Mark Meadows Sues Nancy Pelosi and Every Member of January 6 Committee: ‘Unconstitutional’

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows sued Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and every member of the U.S. House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack on Wednesday, claiming that it is unconstitutionally usurping executive branch authority.

The lawsuit, filed in the federal district court for the District of Columbia, came after the chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-GA), wrote to Meadows’s attorney earlier Wednesday to say that the committee would pursue criminal contempt charges against Meadows.:snip:

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