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Grave Robbers


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Grave Robbers

By Sarah Sass on Jun 18, 2021

General Ambrose Powell (“A.P.”) Hill is a three-time war veteran of the Mexican-American War, Seminole War, and Civil War. He was buried standing up on the soil he loved in Richmond, Virginia, inside a monument dedicated to him. The A.P. Hill monument (and grave) is slated for demolition under the unhinged authoritarian Democrat Mayor Levar Stoney. Stoney feels that despite a worsening opioid epidemic in Virginia, despite small businesses suffering due to COVID restrictions, his time (and NAACP donor money) is better spent desecrating graves.

By pursuing these plans, the city will potentially be committing class 4 and 6 felonies. According to the Code of Virginia 18.2 – 126, if a person unlawfully disturbs or disinters a human body which has been placed in a vault or grave, he or she is guilty of a class 4 felony. Virginia class 4 felonies can carry fines over one hundred thousand dollars and imprisonment, but courts often order higher amounts if there is evidence of malice or wanton disregard. This is especially the case since Hill was buried standing, so disturbance of the body will obviously occur. The City of Richmond has indicated that it will order all wrecking crews to complete the demolition with “the utmost care” but this is not enumerated in the City of Richmond’s Municipal Code. The City of Richmond often hires non-local construction crews to complete Confederate Monument demolition (see the hiring of Newport News teams) , adding insult to injury as the city refuses to hire its own people and provide some economic relief while being hellbent on digging up dead bodies.   :snip: https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/blog/grave-robbers/?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=00132c38-0dd0-4ee0-9d8e-b456ec491c7c

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