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Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse admits Democrats are trying to intimidate Supreme Court justices

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Washington Examiner

Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse admitted to what has been plainly clear for some time: Democrats attack the Supreme Court in order to try to influence its decisions. And he’s not going to give it up anytime soon.

Whitehouse, a rambling conspiracy theorist, asked now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett no questions during her confirmation hearing last year. Instead, he ranted about dark money while taking the same line of attack that every other Democrat did: Barrett was going to gut the Affordable Care Act, making her and Republicans evil people who were going to steal healthcare from the public during a pandemic.

It was always a dubious line of attack, and, of course, now the Supreme Court did not do it at all. Barrett was among the 7-2 majority in the case Whitehouse had been referring to, which held that the plaintiffs didn’t have the standing to sue. Conservatives had said from the beginning that this lawsuit was a long shot and that the court wasn’t likely to go along with it. No matter, though — not for Whitehouse, at least. He took credit on behalf of the Democratic Party for intimidating the court into protecting Obamacare.

Whitehouse said he didn’t regret his hysterics “not for a minute” and that the Supreme Court might have killed the law if not for Democrats' political crusading to corrupt a judicial decision.:snip:

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