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Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Declares Racism a 'Public Health Crisis' in Chicago


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PJ Media

Chicago is a city with a lot of problems: gangs, crime, bad housing, limited access to health care — in other words, problems that most large American cities experience.

We can now add one more problem to Chicago’s list of woes: racism is now a public health crisis.

Chicago isn’t the first to make this sort of silly declaration. At least 145 cities and towns across the country have made similar pronouncements.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has decreed that now, henceforth and forever, racism will be a public health crisis with all the attendant government actions that are automatically triggered by such a declaration of a “crisis.”

But is it? The left tends to blame all problems in black communities on racism, either present day or in the past. But how many problems are due to racism and how many are due to poverty? It’s an important distinction because there are plenty of white and non-black people who are poor. Are they not suffering from this public health crisis?:snip:

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Gang life, not racism, is responsible for Chicago's violence, alderman says

Residents in one Chicago ward are “giving up” on calling the police as the city fails to protect them from violent crime, according to one city council member.

Alderman Raymond Lopez described the violence plaguing his constituents in the city’s 15th Ward and beyond, slamming Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, whose law enforcement policies and focus on systemic racism, he said, are doing little to stop the mostly gang-related violence.

“Generational gang life isn’t just something that’s encouraged. It’s almost revered in some neighborhoods,” Lopez, whose constituents are about 67% Latino and 22% black, told the Washington Examiner in an interview. “If you really want to get to what is at the heart of a lot of this, it is gangs, and it is the borderline collapse of the family unit in many of our neighborhoods ... [Lightfoot] has avoided calling out gangs in our community as a source of violence in our city.”:snip:

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On 6/18/2021 at 3:08 PM, Geee said:


Health Crisis she says. My My My. I admit I didn't read the article, so did she happen to mention a couple of examples of racism was causing people to become ill?

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blasts Bears football team over relocating rumors

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot threw some major shade at the Chicago Bears on Friday, just one day after the organization announced it made a bid for land in Arlington Heights with plans to possibly build a new stadium there. 

Lightfoot, a self-declared "longtime" fan, issued a statement slamming the announcement as just "noise."

"The Bears are locked into a lease at Soldier Field until 2033. In addition, this announcement from the Bears comes in the midst of negotiations for improvements at Soldier Field. This is clearly a negotiating tactic that the Bears have used before," Lighttfoot’s statement read. :snip:

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49 minutes ago, Valin said:

examples of racism was causing people to become ill?

Well, I can only say that reading her quotes often makes me ill!

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