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Northern Ireland’s Health Minister Would Like a Word With Van Morrison


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Rolling Stone (a former magazine about music)

"His words will give great comfort to the conspiracy theorists – the tin foil hat brigade who crusade against masks and vaccines,” Robin Swann says of singer’s new anti-lockdown songs

Jason Newman

Sept. 21 2020

As Northern Ireland’s Health Minister, Robin Swann’s primary job these days is to ensure that the public is kept up to date with the latest factual information on the coronavirus and continually disseminate ways that the public can keep safe.

Van Morrison, of all people, is not helping this situation. Taking the concept of “protest music” to bizarre conclusions, the 75-year-old singer announced the upcoming release of three new songs — “No More Lockdown,” “Born to Be Free” and “As I Walked Out” — that accuse the government of “taking our freedom” and bashes the worldwide lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. “Morrison makes it clear in his new songs how unhappy he is with the way the Government has taken away personal freedoms,” a post on his website helpfully notes.

“No more lockdown/No more government overreach/No more fascist bullies/Disturbing our peace,” Morrison sings on “No More Lockdown.” “No more taking of our freedom/And our God-given rights/Pretending it’s for our safety/When it’s really to enslave.”



Van Responds


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