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Mother Wrecks School Board Over CRT: "You Work For Me!" (do yourself a favor)

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Critical race theory: Diverse group of mothers from across the country speak out

Sam Dorman

June 12, 2021

“Critical race theory,” the phrase that has captured headlines and driven news cycles, was once relegated to the halls of academia. But as CRT and its associated ideas have spread to school districts, so went the demographics of people debating its implications.

Ideas related to CRT have featured prominently in controversial materials that pose what mothers see as a very real threat to their children’s futures. Despite the controversy being painted by some as manufactured, the battle over CRT has thrust a long list of concerned parents into the public square. 

From Oregon to Rhode Island to, perhaps most famously, the Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia, mothers have pressed their local officials for answers and started organizations dedicated to combating highly racial content. “When these dedicated moms hear from their children how they are afraid to speak up in class for fear of harassment, discipline, or being reported in the new LCPS online ‘bias reporting’ system, this motivates them to get out there and fight like hell for their children,” said Ian Prior, a father who leads the PAC focused on Loudoun County Public Schools’ school board.



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