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Tribal business owners condemn ‘destructive’ actions of left-wing protesters


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Alpha News

Equipment owned by Gordon Construction, a company that is 100% Native-owned and based on the White Earth Reservation, was damaged by protesters and will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix.

Rose Williams

June 11, 2021

Native American business owners and employees are speaking out against the actions of protesters who oppose Enbridge’s Line 3 oil pipeline replacement project.

“We are encouraging leaders of tribal communities across Minnesota to renounce these actions and call on these groups to stop future destructive and unlawful protests,” reads a letter signed by the Native owners and employees of six businesses.

On Monday, during a four-day protest in Park Rapids against the pipeline, nearly 200 arrests were made. Some of those arrested locked themselves to machinery inside a pump station. The protest is said to be one of the largest demonstrations yet against the pipeline.

The letter from tribal-owned businesses explains that many Native people work on the pipeline, and these workers were forced to leave their job sites on Monday “because protesters trespassed into a construction site and vandalized equipment.”


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Minnesota Line 3 pipeline nearly done despite protests

The safety of the building process came under attack when drilling materials spilled last week in the Willow River near Palisade.

Gailon Totheroh

July 16, 2021

(The Center Square) — The Line 3 pipeline is 70% complete, according to Enbridge, the Canadian company building the line.

That comes despite six years of resistance from a range of environmental, Native American, and left-of-center groups. The Minnesota Department of Commerce also opposed the project, which transports crude oil from Canada through Minnesota to Lake Superior.

Juli Kellner, communications specialist for Enbridge, says the company has bent over backwards and jumped through all the hurdles.

*“We hoped all parties would come to accept the outcome of the thorough, science-based review and multiple approvals of the project here in Minnesota where Line 3 has passed every test through six years of regulatory and permitting review,” Kellner told The Center Square in an email response.



* Wanna Bet They Don't?

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