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Jill Biden Scolds Her Husband to 'Pay Attention,' as Media Cleans Up His Stumbling Speech


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Joe Biden is in England now, preceding meetings with European officials and the G-7.


It didn’t start off well as Joe got attacked by a cicada. The cicadas actually grounded a press plane.


Then Biden and his wife later landed at Royal Air Force Mildenhall in England, where Biden met with U.S. Air Force personnel stationed there.

Jill Biden (is she in charge now?) had to scold Joe to “pay attention.” She sounds like an old grandmother scolding a five-year-old.

There he is with that mask again, despite being vaccinated.

Then Joe mispronounced the RAF as the RFA. Teleprompters can be hard to read, even overseas.

He also exaggerated how many times he’d been to Afghanistan and Iraq, claiming that he’d been to Afghanistan and Iraq “well over 27, 28 times.” He’s repeating a false number despite the fact that it’s previously been debunked during his campaign.:snip:

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