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Americans could be cut off from the internet over copyright claims


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A court ruled that ISPs can avoid liability by kicking customers off the internet. The ruling is being challenged.

Cindy Harper

June 9 2021

Americans might lose their internet access as a result of a bad decision on a copyright case involving an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

A court ruled that an ISP could avoid being liable for copyright infringement by terminating the account of a violator after as few as two accusations from a copyright holder.

The court also allowed a damages formula that will incentivize ISPs to terminate the accounts of their users rather than risk paying a ridiculous amount in damages for copyright liability.

The case was filed by Sony Music against Cox Communications, an ISP. The district court ruled in favor of Sony, which argued that Cox was liable for enabling its users to infringe on copyright laws by sharing music recordings in peer-to-peer networks.



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The court found that Cox did not close the accounts of users accused of copyright infringement aggressively enough.

A previous lawsuit disqualified Cox from the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because it did not terminate enough accounts of its users who had been accused of copyright infringement.


It may just be wording of the article's author, but if Cox really is in trouble for not punishing users who are "accused", it looks like due process went out the window on this one.

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