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Woke-ism will swallow our kids unless we restore the West’s great traditions


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NY Post

Sohrab Ahmari

May 9, 2021

’I’m terrified of the woke radicals at my kids’ school”: Rarely a week goes by when I don’t hear some variation on this gripe from fellow parents in New York City. Invariably, they lower their voices, lest prying ears catch them objecting to the official ideology.

These are solidly liberal Manhattanites, mind you. They just don’t want their children being told they carry the ­unwashable stain of racial sin. And they’d ­really rather have their kids master real knowledge, instead of ­being taught to meditate endlessly on their own race, gender and sexuality. 

As the only “out” conservative they know, I’m often the only person these parents can pour out their ­anguish to. And I’m wearying of the job.


Are we prepared to sacrifice anything in resistance to our century’s totalitarians? The wokes, for all their ­absurdities, have a moral vision, for which they’re prepared to make sacrifices. It’s a twisted morality, to be sure, but it’s more than their live-and-let-live opponents on the Upper East Side possess. 

Unless we recover our deeper roots and bequeath what we find — “tradition” literally means handing on — the wokes will win.

Sohrab Ahmari is The Post’s op-ed editor and author of “The Unbroken Thread: Discovering the Wisdom of Tradition in an Age of Chaos,” to be published Tuesday


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