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Bo Snerdley unplugged: James Golden talks life after Rush and what's next for conservatives


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The longtime producer of Rush Limbaugh's radio show gives insight into what it was like working with the late conservative talk-show host.



Bo Snerdley, whose real name is James Golden, says that since Rush Limbaugh's passing, "It has been really tough."

Golden told the John Solomon Reports podcast how difficult it's been for him and what is was like to work for Limbaugh. "It has been really tough. And it was more than just me, though. There were three of us in the room with Rush almost every day for the last 20 years down here."


He mentioned that hardly anyone left the show because Limbaugh "was such a great person to work with. And he was just such an amazing boss, he picked great people, and left them alone, let them do their job ... And that was one of the most amazing things — when Rush called that meeting to tell us of his illness, we knew something was wrong, because we never had meetings, we just did our job. So instantly, when Rush is calling a meeting, everybody got a gut sick feeling, because something was wrong."

"You know, I still wake up some days, expecting to go to be in my old routine. And it takes me a minute to realize, 'Oh, no, that's gone.' And more than that, you know Rush — it's like, before I even worked with him, he was a friend. And he was always such a beautiful guy. And always so generous, so supportive. So it's really — it is a very, very, very painful loss. And I know time eases things, so they say, I hope that's because it's not easing right now.":snip:

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