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The Chosen (You Never Know What You'll Find)

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A charismatic fisherman drowning in debt. A troubled woman wrestling with real demons. A young tax collector ostracized by society. A religious leader questioning his faith tradition.



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The Chosen Mini Series Exposed

The following is a review of the mini series called; The Chosen
It is a series of episodes about Christ and His relationships. The man pictured above ( we blocked out his face ) is a actor ( liar / hypocrite ) playing the Savior of the world; Jesus Christ. If the making a image of the Lord against Exodus 20 command of God  is not enough sin to show you that we need to AVOID this offering, please read on. This following facts should also help you to see why it is a sinful show to be avoided:

*Making movies means using actors and that word really means.... liars and hypocrites and none of this is true, but a staged lie. Rev 22:14-15 says lies get you outside of heaven.



Just because someone is a Christian, does not prevent them from being 1. A Jerk, 2. Dumber Than Dirt, 3. Both.

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