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Merrick Garland doesn't promise to protect Durham investigation or release report


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Washington Examiner


President Biden’s pick for attorney general didn’t directly promise to protect special counsel John Durham's investigation nor to make his report public, saying he would need to speak with the federal prosecutor before making a decision, though he said he didn't currently have reason to think it wasn't the right move to keep Durham on.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, the top Republican on the committee, urged Merrick Garland to support Durham's investigation and to handle the inquiry into Hunter Biden without interference from the White House.

"With respect to special counsel Durham's investigation, I expect that he will be allowed to complete his investigation," the Republican senator said. "If confirmed, will you commit to providing special counsel Durham with the staff, resources, funds, and time needed to thoroughly complete the investigation?"

"So senator, I don't have any information about the investigation as I sit here today, and another one of the very first things I'm going to have to do is speak with Mr. Durham and figure out how his investigation is going," the judge replied. "I understand that he has been permitted to remain in his position, and sitting here today, I have no reason to think that that was not the correct decision.":snip:

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