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Get ready for the Mars Perseverance rover touchdown

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Jazz Shaw

Feb. 18 2021

While it might have been easy to miss with all of the disastrous news flooding the MSM these days, there’s something big about to happen on another planet. The Mars Perseverance rover will be attempting what the space agency describes as “the hardest landing” they’ve ever tried. The touchdown is expected to take place at approximately 3:55 eastern or 12:55 pacific time. NASA is pulling out all the stops in terms of getting the public involved with this event. They will be running science specials all day on each of their media platforms as well as their own television channel, NASA TV. If your network doesn’t carry it, probably the easiest way to follow along is on their YouTube channel. There will be a separate feed dedicated specifically to the landing going live later today. With that many people watching, now they just need to make sure that it doesn’t crash. (More on that in a moment)






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Mar. 22021

The Perseverance rover's Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA) is set to collect data on wind with the deployment of a sensor on Mar. 1, 2021 (Sol 10). See imagery of the deployment and hear audio of the Martian wind captured by a microphone on Feb. 20.

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