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"Eleven" The Movie

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Jan. 11 2021

DESCRIPTION: "Eleven" is the untold story of Eleven WWII Veterans from Air Group 11-- in their own words. Featuring authentic U.S. Navy footage and candid wartime photographs, these heroic airmen recount their naval aviation tours off Guadalcanal Island and aboard the USS Hornet in the Pacific Theater. Copyright © 2016 Lazy Panda Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved. #ElevenTheMovie

CAST: Virgil E “Verg” Bloomquist VT-11

Robert W “Jack” Cocks VB-11

Gerald T “Gerry” Coeur VF-11

William E “Bill” Corley VT-11

Kermit H “Tim” Enander VF-11

Robert C “Bob” Fitz VT-11

Robert N “Bob” Flath VF-11

W Robert “Bob” Maxwell VF-11

George C Stebbings VT-11

William L “Bill” Strahan VS-11 & VB-11

John T Williss VF-11


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