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Unique Lost Runestone Of The Hunnestad Monument Finally Found After 300 Years In Sweden


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Ellen Lloyd

Dec. 16 2020

A rush of joy overwhelmed archaeologists today when they discovered a unique runestone that has been lost for 300 years! The runestone was once part of the now destroyed Hunnestad monument, and no-one had hopes the stone would ever be found, but it has!


he Hunnestad monument as depicted in "Monumenta Danica" by Ole Worms, 1643. Credit: Worms och Axel Krogh Hansen

Already labeled a sensational archaeological discovery the runestone was unearthed while construction workers were laying pipes on a site that has long been of interest to archaeologists in Skåne County. Archaeologists who were present say the runestone was really a more or less accidental find because the shaft workers dig is so narrow. One could easily have missed the valuable historical stone.


The runestone has been missing for 300 years. Credit: Axel Krogh Hansen

Axel Krogh Hansen, an archaeologist who was there at the time of the discovery admits his heart was beating faster than unusual when he saw the runestone.

“This is a fantastic fun find, which you did not think would happen. This stone has been gone for so long that we thought it was destroyed,” says Magnus Källström, an expert on runes at the National Heritage Board.




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