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Saturn, Jupiter to conjoin as ‘double planet’ for the first time in nearly 1,000 years

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Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets in the Solar System, will conjoin very closely near Christmas this month, putting on an astral show that hasn’t been seen on Earth for roughly a millennium.

The two planets on Dec. 21 will appear closer together in the sky than at any time in the last 800 years.

Alignments of the two planets are relatively rare as far as astronomical events go, but the last time Saturn and Jupiter were this close was in March of 1226, Rice University astronomer Patrick Hartigan told the Daily Mail.




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22 minutes ago, Geee said:

Well, a major part of a continent sinking or something similar did not take place at least :P


You're Right uh because of you the thing ya know that... look a squirrel!

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