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BEST BIBLE (Study Bible)


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Dec. 1 2020

Study Bibles abound! There are a TON of competing editions of the Bible floating around out there, and wading through it all can be pretty overwhelming, so I set out to sort through it with a review video. I spent six months collecting recently published Bibles, and going through them in the course of my normal daily reading and research. Here's my report back on what I found, and I hope it helps you pick what your next Bible might be or what Bible you might like to give someone else. This video is unsponsored - no one paid me to review any products and no one paid me to say nice things about their stuff.

Here's a link to all the Bibles and various outlets where they can be purchased

In this video we discussed the following publishers: Lifeway, B&H Publishing, Moody Press, Crossway, Zondervan and Tyndale

We also discussed the following Bibles: The Quest Study Bible, Holman Christian Standard Study Bible, Holy Land Illustrated Study Bible, NET Full Notes Edition, Life Application Study Bible, Spurgeon Study Bible, First Century Study Bible, Starting Place Study Bible, New Living Translation Study Bible, New International Version Storyline Bible, English Standard Version Study Bible, Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, Immerse Reading Bible, Halley's Study Bible, New Living Translation Filament Edition, the Ryrie Study Bible, and a couple of single book journaling Bibles.

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