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America’s Failed Experiment With Socialism


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America’s Failed Experiment With Socialism

Pilgrims arrive at Plymouth Rock

November 24, 2020

Even though American History is largely sanitized or ignored in today’s government schools, most children know that the Pilgrims sailed from England to America on the Mayflower in 1620 and landed at Plymouth Rock in what is now Massachusetts.  The Puritans were a small sect of devout Christians who were extremely dissatisfied and oppressed by the Church of England.  About 100 members, searching for religious freedom, fled to Holland.  Feeling insecure there as well, however, they voted to emigrate to America. 

Groups who needed money for colonialization initiatives were financed by private companies who had equity, rules, and requirements.  The Puritans received financial support from the Virginia Company of London and the Virginia Company of Plymouth.  In return for funding the journey, the financiers required a seven year contract during which the survival goods of the new colony (food, clothing, shelter, equipment, etc.) would be considered “common goods” belonging to all members.  In addition, all profits and surplus commodities became part of the “common goods” and were to be distributed equally to all colonists and used to pay back the financiers.   :snip: 

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