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Food Thread: Sandwiches And Steak, And Great Food Neighborhoods Too


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Food Thread: Sandwiches And Steak, And Great Food Neighborhoods Too!





I haven't had a pastrami on rye for a very long time, and that makes me nostalgic for Katz's Deli on Houston in Manhattan, or 2nd Ave. Deli on...you guessed it...2nd Avenue.

It's a simple sandwich, but one that requires the best ingredients. Crappy rye bread is at once gummy and dry, which is a vile combination. And the mustard must be brown deli mustard...no spicy mustards or (shudder) yellow mustard for a classic pastrami sandwich.

The pastrami must...MUST...be fatty. Spare me your whining for lean meat. It just isn't good. Lean pastrami is like a 95-5 hamburger. What's the point?

Pastrami is pretty simple. It is essentially smoked corned beef. But it's that extra pop of flavor that elevates it beyond the sometimes pleasing corned beef sandwich, into the pantheon of great foods.

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