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Today's Toons 11/16/20

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This Thread Brought To You By The Letter T: 
(Thank you, cartoonist Rex May)

In Case You Missed It Dept.: 

House Democrat Adam Schiff rallied to Joe Biden's defense, blaming Hunter Biden e-mails on the Kremlin. It makes me mad. I now realize that back in 1986 I could've avoided sobriety for two more years if only I had thought of blaming all the crazy stories about me on Russian Disinformation. 

Fox News star Laura Ingraham urged Trump and Biden to lay out their plans for re-opening schools and improving them. A new report says last year only twelve percent of high school seniors could pass a basic U.S. history exam. It's the lowest percentage since our country was founded in 1922. 

Hunter Biden's laptop Tuesday revealed damaging information about his China business ties and possible kickbacks to Joe while he was VP. It's messy. Personally I don't think that Hunter Biden is directly on the payroll of China, but he did just get his Secret Service Code name, Ka-Ching. 

Californians in two weeks will vote on a ballot measure that ends bail for minor offenses. Last week I saw the cops arresting a guy for snorting cocaine on a street corner in Santa Monica. They'll look the other way on the cocaine but the plastic straw can get you six months in County Jail. 

President Trump's campaign in California got an odd boost last weekend when pranksters put up TRUMP in huge white letters along a hillside above the San Diego Freeway. This week it got stranger. Some convict unfurled a banner from the walls of San Quentin reading Biden for Resident. 

The Fox News scoop on Joe Biden's foreign influence peddling as VP through his son Hunter remained uncovered by the other networks and media Thursday. Hunter's business partner has produced the verifying documents. It's truly ironic when Fox is the only one guarding the hen house. 

President Trump campaigned before huge crowds in South Florida where he touted his Arab-Israeli diplomacy in the Middle East and his decision to relocate the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The same day yet another Muslim nation recognized Israel. Thank you, France. 

The White House reported the U.S. economy grew at a stunning thirty-three percent annual rate in the third quarter, justifying Trump's policy of opening up the economy. France is about to be ordered on a four-week lockdown. They hope to get their beheading rate under control. 

Election Day arrives today with pollsters predicting that Joe Biden will win the presidency, just like they picked Hillary. If Trump upsets the pollsters once again and wins today, someone should decorate Joe Biden's basement to look just like the Oval Office and tell him he won. He'll never know. 

Joe Biden's speeches over the weekend called for national unity mixed with stories of his love for his family. The former vice president frequently boasts that his son Hunter is the smartest young man he knows. That being said, guess who is not getting a new laptop for Christmas this year? 

Governor Gavin Newsom refused Friday to lessen restrictions on public gatherings including churches and the Comedy Store. Last night I had to perform miked-up from behind a showroom window to an outdoor patio crowd I couldn't hear. It's the first time I've felt sympathy for Joe Biden. 

The Wall Street Journal published an Election Day analysis predicting that the victory margin in Tuesday's presidential election would be razor thin. I just found out my great-uncle in Chicago, a lifelong Republican voted Democrat yesterday. This would have never happened if he were still alive. 

President Trump wore himself to the bone the last week performing five rallies a day, winding up in Grand Rapids Monday. That was the site of his last rally in 2016, when he shocked Hillary. I'll say this for Hillary, if she had been elected president, Covid would have committed suicide by now. 

The White House was furious at the end of Election night when vote counting simply stopped in the swing states where Trump led and appeared headed for re-election. It was time for cooler heads to prevail. Joe Biden addressed the nation at midnight and declared Hillary Clinton the winner. 

President Trump held a White House press conference and ripped the post-election mail-in counts in states run by Democrats. The battle lines are clearly drawn. President Trump said he's earned enough votes to get re-elected, to which the Democrats replied, over our dead bodies. 

-- Argus Hamilton 


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2 hours ago, Reiuxcat said:

Thanks for the Monday toons Pookie. 🙂

(I had to look up Benford's Law 😉)

You're welcome, @Reiuxcat

I guess the attachment wasn't specific enough 😞

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21 minutes ago, mass55th said:

Thanks for the Toons Pookie!! Have a great week!!

My pleasure & the same to you, mass55th!

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19 hours ago, pookie18 said:

You're welcome, @Reiuxcat

I guess the attachment wasn't specific enough 😞

My apologies. I missed the "Click suggestion below". That was definitely a better explanation that what I settled for. 😏 

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