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Today's Toons 10/12/20

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This Thread Brought To You By The Number 0: 

In Case You Missed It Dept.: 

The White House got welcome news when moderate GOP senators fell in line behind Trump's right to nominate a Supreme Court justice in an election year and send it to committee. Democrats aren't worried. They say they have a rape accuser for anyone Trump chooses to nominate. 

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rounded up enough Republican senators to confirm any qualified Trump Supreme Court pick, but that didn't keep the GOP Never-Trump faction from grumbling. Cindy McCain said she will vote for Joe Biden in November. Ironically, so will John McCain. 

President Trump said he will announce his Supreme Court nominee Saturday. Here comes the circus. Likely Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is already under fire from Democrats because, although she adopted two children from Haiti, she denies being African-American. 

Joe Biden explained he does not want to reveal his top five Supreme Court picks because he doesn't want the public focus to be on them. Nevertheless, a reporter just got ahold of Biden's handwritten list of his top-five Supreme Court picks. Topping the list was Stop, in the Name of Love! 

USA Today cited a poll saying we are exhausted by all the drama in 2020. For six months, it's been Covid, home quarantine, shutdowns, police shootings, rioting, now civil war over a vacancy in the Supreme Court. Am I the only one left who's still fighting the scourge of plastic drinking straws? 

President Trump's Midwest strategy keeps him campaigning in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio where he has a chance. Republicans don't even bother campaigning in Illinois. The state laws of Illinois forbid cemeteries to be fenced in or walled in because it's considered to be voter suppression. 

The Emmy Awards hosted by Jimmy Fallon earned a record-low six million viewers in Hollywood. The stars attended via remote this year. Normally, the Emmy Awards allows TV viewers to see the most number of celebrities in one place without having to donate to the Democratic Party. 

A Louisville grand jury ruled Wednesday that Breonna Taylor's shooting death was accidental following a legal police entry, that was returning her boyfriend's fire. A riot was inevitable that night. At one point the fire in Louisville got so bad it was upgraded to California Gender Reveal Party. 

President Trump recalled Tuesday he convinced Japan Prime Minister Abe to build more car factories in the US. Greetings from California, where marijuana is legal but cars will soon be against the law. Governor Newsom feels it saves the environment if you flee the wildfires on a bicycle. 

Dr. Fauci appeared before a Senate committee Wednesday and estimated that a vaccine will be available at the end of the year. Of all the corona virus restrictions, I hate the international travel ban the most. In the fall, I love to go up to Canada and watch Prime Minister Trudeau change colors. 

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana was a hero once again after he thwarted the attempted kidnapping of his nine-month-old grandchild from its crib in his home. The reaction was instant. Members of today's NFL teams will be putting the name of the kidnapper on their jerseys. 

The Dallas Morning News reported general public alarm after eight cities in Texas were discovered threatened by a brain-eating amoeba in their water supplies. I've never heard of an amoeba that eats brains. We should fly in the California legislature and it will die of starvation. 

President Trump and Joe Biden duked it out in their first presidential debate last night held at the Cleveland Clinic auditorium. You could notice one thing if you watched closely. The difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is Trump knows who Hunter Biden is. 

President Trump made it official Saturday and named Chicago's U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. It took no time for the long knives to come out. Amy Coney Barrett finished first in her law school class, prompting Democrats to charge that she's elitist. 

Donald Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court despite Democrats saying that RBG's dying was for the next president to name her successor. As always there was judicial dissent. We just learned Justice Antonin Scalia's dying wish was for Trump to have two terms. 

Uncle Ben's Rice was taken off grocery store shelves due to PC accusations that the logo casts a racist image, and it's now known as Ben's Premium. The left is on a rampage. I have an actor friend who changed his name from Donald to Adolf to improve his chance of landing an agent in Hollywood. 

Joe Biden during the Tuesday presidential debate painted a bleak picture of the U.S. economy during the past four years. It's political suicide for him to say anything else. Democrats believe as an article of faith that life is like a box of chocolates that President Trump replaced with Ex-Lax. 

President Trump's personality was evident Tuesday as he dominated opponent and moderator alike throughout the debate. All those hostile press conferences paid off. Donald Trump displayed the awesome pardoning power of the presidency by not allowing any poor souls to finish a sentence. 

The New York Post criticized President Trump for his strategy of constantly interrupting Joe Biden during the debate, pointing out that it's irritating on TV. After the debate, a jubilant Biden was congratulated on his mental focus. It moved Joe to declare the debate a victory over what's his name. 

The Hollywood Reporter said the presidential debate resulted in huge ratings for the three cable news networks. There is no mystery as to their party allegiances. Late Thursday, CNN extended its sympathies and prayers to Corona Virus after it tested positive for Donald Trump. 

-- Argus Hamilton 

(Thank you, Mistysea)

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8 minutes ago, Reiuxcat said:

Thanks for the Monday toons Pookie. 🙂

You're welcome, Rcat!

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This one caught me off guard, but so true if incomplete. He has equally helped Russia, Iran,...


Thanks for the toons 18. It was fun to binge toon 5 days worth yesterday. 

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3 minutes ago, areyoukiddingme said:


This one caught me off guard, but so true if incomplete. He has equally helped Russia, Iran,...


Thanks for the toons 18. It was fun to binge toon 5 days worth yesterday. 

My pleasure, RU! Try to avoid that binge-purge stuff...

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10 minutes ago, mass55th said:

Happy Columbus Day Pookie!! Thanks for the Toons, and I hope you have a great week!!

You're welcome, as always & the same to you, mass55th!

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