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In New York, another statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary torn down… on video

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Jazz Shaw

Sept. 18 2020

I keep asking myself at what point enough will finally be enough, but there doesn’t seem to be a limit to the depravity we’re seeing in the streets these days, particularly in New York City. As most of you are likely aware, this isn’t the first incident of this type to take place in the Big Apple, but it’s probably one of the most brazen and audacious we’ve seen to date. Another statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been destroyed by a vandal, this time in the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn. Making the crime all the more insane is the fact that the church in question, Shrine Church of Our Lady of Solace, had a security camera running and the perpetrator’s entire performance was captured on video. He and another pedestrian (who apparently objected to the attack) are seen looking at the Our Lady of Guadalupe statue before he climbs up into the display area, wrestles it off of its base and hurls it to smash on the sidewalk. (CBS News 2 New York)


It’s strange how CBS chose to blur out the face of the man seen chatting with the vandal prior to the attack. According to one witness, the second man allegedly objected to the suspect destroying the statue and even attempted to replace it back on its base after it was thrown down. That led to a fight between the vandal and the second man, so I’m sure he must have gotten a good look at him.

As I mentioned above, this wasn’t the first shocking attack of this kind. We saw the vandalism of two statues of the Blessed Virgin earlier this summer, with one of the incidents being investigated as a potential hate crime. But… why?



Video At Link

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