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Help Save 49 Acres at Gettysburg in 2020


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Sept. 13 2020

Join us in preserving three crucial tracts at the Gettysburg Battlefield before 2020 is up! https://www.battlefields.org/give/sav...

More info on each as shown in the video:

1.) The small but crucial parcel on Cemetery Hill and in the shadow of Culp’s Hill, which includes the historic "McKnight House": The largest battle ever fought in North America swept over James McKnight's farm in 1863. In the last two decades, the construction of the Comfort Inn hotel directly across the Baltimore Pike along with the creation of the new National Park Service Visitor Center has made the already commercially zoned tract ripe for development.

2.) The parcel a few feet farther south on the Baltimore Pike: With very similar history to the McKnight House tract, this land is also at threat if we aren’t able to close on this transaction quickly. This would endanger our on-going preservation efforts on this part of the battlefield which, as you can see from satellite images, is already suffering from commercial encroachment.

3.) The large parcel at the southern end of the battlefield: Anyone standing on this land along the south slope of Big Round Top and the banks of Plum Run on July 2, 3 or 4, 1863, would have seen the battle swirling around them – marching, fighting, and artillery fire, or the detritus and aftermath of battle over the course of three days. This tract neighbors preserved land on two sides. If we are unable to save this property, a housing subdivision of large-lot “McMansions” – interfering with the views of Big Round Top – will likely be the fate of this land.


Sacred Ground!

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