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DFL House leaders to host fundraising event with candidate who threatened to burn down Hugo


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Alpha News

"You think we give a f– about burning Hugo down?”

Anthony Gockowski

September 6, 2020

The DFL House Caucus plans to host an official fundraising event this week with John Thompson, Alpha News has learned.

Thompson was at the center of a viral video captured by Alpha News last month in which he screamed profanities at a group of young girls and threatened to burn down a neighborhood. At one point he told a man holding a blue lives matter sign to “take that sign” and “stick it in your ass.”

“We coming for everything that you motherf–ers took from us,” he added. “This whole [vulgarity] state burned down for 20 [vulgarity] dollars. You think we give a f– about burning Hugo down?”

Thompson is scheduled to participate in a Tuesday event with House Speaker Melissa Hortman, Majority Leader Ryan Winkler, and Majority Whip Liz Olson. The virtual “Meet the New Majority” event will feature 12 DFL candidates, including Thompson, who are running in solidly blue districts.




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John Thompson expelled from House DFL

The Thompson scandal began when he was pulled over July 4 for driving without a front license plate and presented police with a Wisconsin driver’s license.

Anthony Gockowski

September 15, 2021

Minnesota House Democrats voted to expel Rep. John Thompson from their caucus at a closed-door meeting Tuesday night, according to a statement.

House Speaker Melissa Hortman and Majority Leader Ryan Winkler said in a joint statement that it would be “best for Rep. Thompson, his family, and the institution for him to resign.”

“Rep. Thompson’s actions, credible reports of abuse and misconduct, and his failure to take responsibility remain unacceptable for a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives,” read the statement. “In the absence of a resignation, the Minnesota House DFL has voted to remove Rep. Thompson from the caucus.”

This comes nearly two months after Thompson first faced pressure to resign from the state’s top Democrats. Thompson resisted, despite the release of police reports describing his alleged history of domestic abuse.


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