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Confederate monuments are just the beginning


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The Galveston Daily News 

Confederate monuments are just the beginning


“In this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution is a moral and political evil in any country.”

Later I’ll identify the source of that quotation from 1858.

I acknowledge that for too long our history has been presented as if only white men did anything worthy of note. For that reason, when I was a state senator, I was proud to sponsor legislation establishing a Texas Juneteenth Commission for the purpose of erecting a monument to that iconic holiday at the Texas capitol.

Over the past several weeks, cities and counties and gutless politicians across Texas have sheepishly joined a nationwide stampede to remove Confederate monuments. They’ve been joined by a clueless rabble intent on destroying or defacing monuments — and not just Confederate ones.

If you understand our history you’ll know it isn’t simple. However, to the mobs tearing down and defacing icons across Texas and the nation, it's simple — all history is bad.

Even the media has been swept up in this crusade. CNN’s Angela Rye opined that Washington and Jefferson monuments “need to come down.”  :snip: 

 If we’re going to measure Confederates of 150 years ago by today’s standards, who’s next? Lincoln? Buffalo soldiers? Our nation’s founders? Our Texas heroes? :snip: 

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History cannot be erased by removing a statue


In response to Patrick Temperilli’s commentary ("Confederate statue honoring a false history must go," The Daily News, Aug. 21): I’m surprised and appalled that a history teacher would spout such nonsense.

This statue and others like it remind us all of a time to look back on and reflect how we grew away from and became a stronger, more inclusive people and nation.

When my grandchildren ask me to explain, I’ll be happy to tell them Americans learned how not to act from these previous mistakes of judgment. History cannot be erased by removing a statue. As a history teacher he should know this.  :snip: 


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