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Northern Ochra Soup


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Northern Ochra Soup - Take a pint of young tender ochras, wash and slice them, chop two onions finely, and put these into a gallon of water; skin and slice half a pint of tomatoes; add a small piece of garden pepper - a very little piece will answer, - and half a teaspoonful of salt; put all on to cook at seven o'clock in the morning, and let it simmer until noon; then add a large handful of Lima beans. At half past one, add two young squashes, cleaned carefully and cut into small pieces. A knuckle of veal washed and broken and put in, (or a pair of chickens is better,) and a piece of cold, cooked pork or bacon. Let this all boil gently for an hour and a half, and then take out all the meat, and rub together one large spoonful of flour and one of butter, and stir into the soup. The fowls are served with egg sauce. Be careful to remove all scum from the soup while cooking. The knuckle of veal is very nice dished with drawn butter and parsley. This preparation of soup has been timed for a three o'clock dinner. Avoid the use of an iron spoon or ladle in skimming or stirring the ochras. :snip: https://civilwartalk.com/threads/northern-ochra-soup.176442/

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