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'Can the virus die in a day?' FOX6 viewers report testing both positive and negative for COVID-19


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MILWAUKEE - They tested positive for COVID-19, then negative, all within 24 hours. Which test was right? Two FOX6 News viewers who have never met share a similar story of conflicting results, and a top health official says he knows which result they should trust.

"I didn't know what to think," said Charlie Jones of Union Grove.

On July 16, the heavy equipment operator went to the UMOS National Guard testing site in Milwaukee to find out if he was infected with COVID-19. They told him it could take a week to get results.

"I wanted people at work to know sooner than later," said Jones.

So Jones convinced his doctor to get him a second test at an Aurora Health Care drive-up site in Burlington the next day, but the results gave Jones a mixed message. One test was positive, and one negative.

"So is it a false positive or a false negative?" said Jones. "You don't know, you know?":snip:

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I have had a couple of people tell me that they went to be tested, filled out the paperwork, and the line was too long and they couldn't wait. A few days later they got a notice that they had tested positive.


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