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Using ‘Wrong’ Pronouns Could Lead to Suspensions in Virginia Public Schools

Living as a Christian could get a student suspended from public school in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Earlier this month, the school board conducted an annual review of its Regulation 2601, proposing edits to a 70-page-long document on “Student Rights and Responsibilities,” and parents noticed something shocking.

According to a short provision buried deep in the document, students could face suspension for up to five days, and possibly further punishment, for referring to a fellow student according to their biological, God-given sex.

“Using slurs based upon the actual or perceived gender identity (which includes, but is not limited to, malicious deadnaming or malicious misgendering),” reads the offending provision, which appears on Page 21, under the “SBAR Code” “RB9h,” three pages into an extensive table aligning all possible offenses and punishments.


The corresponding “Level 4” violation (nowhere defined) merits the punishment “circled R” (“®”), defined on Page 19, “allows for a suspension up to 5 days [if frequency and intensity are present]. Also allows for a referral to the Division Superintendent … ” (text in brackets is a proposed addition).

Is it just me, or is the bureaucratic jargon intentionally designed to confuse and discourage parents?:snip:

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Senator booed during commencement speech for referencing 'existence of two sexes'

College graduates booed a Wyoming senator giving a commencement address after she referenced the “existence of two sexes.”

GOP Sen. Cynthia Lummis found herself on the receiving end of University of Wyoming students’ ire as she tried to make the case that government overreach has led legislators to think the government is the granter, rather than the protector, of rights and truths.


“There are those in government who believe not that the creator endowed us with inalienable rights … but that government created those rights,” Lummis said in the speech. “And the government should redefine those rights, including our rights to freedom of speech, religion, property, assembly, and to keep and bear arms. Even fundamental scientific truths — such as the existence of two sexes, male and female — are subject to challenge these days.”:snip:

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University Cancels Sonnets Because They're a Product of 'White Western Culture'

Are you revolted by the racism of rhyme? Are you put off by the prejudice of iambic pentameter? If so, the University of Salford might be for you.


The Greater Manchester, England school recently took stock of its literary licentiousness, and as a result, it sunsetted sonnets.


Per university documents, the public institution nixed “pre-established literary forms” from a creative writing exam, because they’re a product of whiteness.

In order to ax oppression, Salford aims to “decolonize the curriculum.”

Some may not have realized sonnets were sinister, but one might only digest the definition in order to peer into perniciousness.:snip:

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Report: Wisconsin School District Openly Teaching Critical Race Theory


:snip: Parents Defending Education (PDE) reported that Milwaukee Public Schools contracted with Pacific Educational Group for $292,750 in the 2021 to 2022 school year. From the report:

Per the “Description of Services and the Specifications” in the contract, one session titled “Virtual Leads 2” centers on “Using Critical Race Theory to Transform Leadership and The Organization.” The document explains that the seminar “further examines the impact of race in schooling and introduces Critical Race Theory (CRT) – its importance, relevance, and application as an analytical tool for understanding race and the educational disparities resulting from systemic racism. CRT is established as a theoretical and requisite knowledge base in ‘Framework’ for systemic equity transformation.”

The third seminar instructs district staff to “review leaders’ understanding of critical race theory and begin a process of applying it a as a tool for analyzing personal, professional, and organizational manifestations of systemic racism in their lives.”

The programming has a section in which participants would develop “proficiency with the PEG Framework (Courageous Conversation Protocol, critical race theory tenets, systems thinking tools, and adaptive leadership principles) in all aspects of executive cabinet leadership functions.”:snip:

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May 30 2022

Paramount Sponsors GROOMING KIDS In Child Drag Show, Democrat And Media Deny Grooming Despite VIDEO. Conservatives and Libertarians have been calling out grooming but the liberal media denies its even happening to their own detriment.

Discovery and Paramount are putting their weight behind normalizing child drag shows. In some of these shows children remove clothing in exchange for money.

In schools adult images are shown to children and when parents recoil in shock they are called bigots or far right.

Democrats are spiraling out of control and will face the reality come november in the midterms.

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Some Public Schools Implementing 'Equitable Grading' to Eliminate Alleged 'Bias' in Grading

(CNS News) -- The Oak Park and River Forest High School in Chicago reportedly will change its grading system next year to “equitable grading,” an approach that eliminates such grading factors as class participation and turning homework in on time because underprivileged students may not be able to master those skills.

According to the school’s Strategic Plan, dated May 26, 2022, the school has found that “traditional grading practices perpetuate inequities and intensify the opportunity gap.” The presentation goes on to explain that teachers have begun implementing equitable grading practices such as “eliminating zeros from the grade book” and that the school “will continue the process necessary to make grading improvements that reflect our core beliefs.”:snip:

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Report: NYC Schools Spent over $200K on Drag Queen Shows

New York City’s public schools are using tax money to pay drag queens to perform for children, often without parental knowledge or consent, according to city records.

Since its creation in 2018, Drag Queen Story Hour NYC — which recently changed its name to Drag Story Hour NYC — has received $207,000 in taxpayer funds.:snip:

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Canceling Honors Classes in the Name of Equity

Reducing humankind to the lowest common denominator of the least competent.


Like ineradicable fungi spreading across a diseased body devoid of inoculants to fight it off, there is a growing educational malfeasance taking root in many of our nation’s public schools that few seem to have the moral courage to speak out against. Honors Programs are being eliminated or are being considered for elimination on the premise that they discriminate against the non-gifted, most of whom fall into minority groups. The elimination of such programs is being defended in the name of equity and recognition.

The theory behind the “deleveling” of subjects such as English, social studies, biology, math and science, and history is to give all students the opportunity to engage in rigorous instruction. In the highest-performing school district in Rhode Island, Barrington High School has been in an uproar over the cancelation of such courses. Many of them have since been restored.

The school had been moving into a “one universal design for learning,” or one curriculum for students of varying abilities. The “universal design” is seen as a way to offer equal access to a rigorous curriculum to traditionally under-represented groups.:snip:

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DOE Eyes Using Math Class to Achieve Racial Justice, Make 'Citizenship-Ready Students'

Minnesota wants to make sure math isn’t racist. Consequently, the state’s come up with a crafty plan.


The Minnesota Department of Education has published its second edition of the “K–12 Academic Standards in Mathematics,” and they aren’t your grandma’s guidelines.


The proposal’s introduction makes matters clear: In the arena of arithmetic instruction, learning about numbers is no longer enough.

[T]he Mathematics Standards Review Committee has been in the process of reviewing the 2007 Minnesota K–12 Academic Standards Mathematics… … In addition to the timing of the mathematics review, the statute, as stated in subdivision 4a, directs the commissioner to “include the contributions of Minnesota American Indian tribes and communities as related to the academic standards during the review and revision of the required academic standards.”:snip:

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'Someone complained': Cornell University Library removes Lincoln bust and Gettysburg Address

The Cornell University Library has removed a bust of President Abraham Lincoln and a bronze plaque of the Gettysburg Address after reportedly receiving a complaint.

Randy Wayne, a professor of biology at Cornell, said the library had removed the display, which had been there since 2013, after "someone complained," the College Fix reported .

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, university spokeswoman Rebecca Valli said the bust of Lincoln "was part of a temporary exhibit on the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address" and that it had been on display from 2013-2021. With the display gone, only an empty case remains.:snip:

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